Five Crazy Style Hacks Every Man Needs to Know

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Don't worry, we know style can be tricky. Well, it used to be. But with the rise of the men's accessories market in the last two years, men don't need to have a separate wardrobe for every look. Let's put it this way: if you're spending more than $80 a month on fashion, you're going overboard.

Our belief at Brummen is that a new, fashionable look can be attained using some bare accessories and save you a trip to Nordstrom. 

But you need to know how to rock it. And that's where we come in.

We're going to give you five crazy, simple hacks that can change your entire look and vibe:

1. The best way to tie a tie: don't.

Yes, that's right. Remember those classy, fast-paced movies where the James Bond-type character gets all dressed up , and then suddenly gets so distracted that his tie never ends up being tied? We're not saying you'll be mistaken for James Bond, but try wearing a button-down, long-sleeved dress shirt with some jeans, and hang your necktie under the collar like you were just in the middle of getting dressed. This is an especially great look for the office, where you'll give off a sexy, down-to-business vibe. Of course, if you're too shy for that, you can still keep it sexy by keeping a loose knot and pulling it down between the second and third buttons on your shirt. In both cases, don't forget to keep an open collar.

2. Tell your story with a bracelet.

The great thing about bracelets is, they go with pretty much any outfit. Not all outfits, however, tell a story. A casual t-shirt with jeans or shorts doesn't really tell anything about you (a Led Zeppelin t-shirt doesn't count). But adding a men's bracelet, especially a leather bracelet cuff, tells people there's something unique and interesting about you regardless of what you're wearing. Check out the different looks that bracelet cuffs can offer.

3. Pocket squares aren't just for weddings.

We all know they look classy, but you pretty much only see pocket squares being worn by grooms or groomsmen. Wearing jeans and a vest or blazer with a pocket square accessory will give you a stylish, edgy look. You won't look like a groomsman, but you still might find yourself surrounded by bridesmaids.

4. Do a hat trick.

Men's hats seem to be where men need the most fashion guidance. For example, if you're bald, then you need to be picky when it comes to choosing a fedora hat (by the way, check out why you should go bald if you're going bald). But when it comes to beanies, the world is your oyster. As you can tell by now, we're a big fan of slouchy beanies because of their stylish and slightly dangerous look. If you have plenty of hair, then you have some fedora freedom, but make sure that any beanie you wear is pulled back enough to show a little bit of hair. Check out this guide for tips on choosing the right hat.

5. Keep the sunglasses for the sun. Or your shirt.

Yes, sunglasses can look cool. No, they really don't when they're worn in an elevator. Nothing pains us more than seeing a man trying to look cool, because our mission is to make men's style effortless. So if it's not sunny, you're indoors, or you're not a rapper, take them offBut use that to your advantage. Hang the sunglasses from the neck of your shirt, which should show just a hint of chest hair (but not so much that you look like you need a lawnmower). It also gives you an on-the-go look, and that chilled, laid-back vibe.

Those are the 5 style tips we want you to take with you today. There are more - much, much more - which we'll get to in future articles, but by now you can understand the Brummen philosophy: get effortless style using men's accessories. Don't change your wardrobe. It's time style was made simple.


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