Welcome to Brummen

Not long ago, Brummen was faced with a challenge: men, including us, were rushing to department stores every time we wanted to tweak our style. A new look would cost us $395, and then we'd have to throw away our old clothes. We believed there was a way men could express their styles with less pain and less money.

Brummen took on that challenge.

So in 2017, we started a men's accessories store based on the concept that fashion is in the details, and a man can change his look and feel using just simple accessories. We provide those accessories, always adding new lines and items carefully picked for an array of styles for men. We want men to be able to receive a brand new look in a little box, delivered right to their doors.

In other words, we want to provide effortless style.

But it's not just about selling men's accessories. We're always available for men's fashion advice or consultation so we can better provide our customers access to the world of style, empower them to express themselves, and give them guidance in creating those expressions. 

We hope you enjoy our array of accessories, and if you have an idea, don't be shy to reach out!

Keep style simple.

The Brummen Men